Lady Hornets Basketball

Game vs North Pocono (District 2 Championship Game)

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The John Mendola Show - Honesdale Girls Basketball
Winito Athletics Demo Video
Red & Black headed back to the semis
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sport Editor
For three quarters on a snowy Saturday afternoon on the shores of The Big Lake, Honesdale and Western Wayne battled to a stalemate.  More than 1,000 fans packed the stands at Wallenpaupack Area for this District Two girls tournament game ...
Lady Hornets sting Invaders in opener
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sport Editor
Local fans turned out in force Wednesday night to witness one last hoops clinic ... and the Lady Hornets didn’t disappoint.  Led by Natasha Hessling, Morgan Birmelin, Katie Miller and Stacey Hart, Honesdale utterly overwhelmned West
Lady Hornets host ‘Think Pink’ night
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sports Editor
For two full quarters, a scrappy young Delaware Valley squad hung with first place Honesdale in a Lackawanna League girls basketball battle Wednesday night.  Then, the Lady Hornets cranked things up a notch and simply overpowered th
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