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The John Mendola Show - Honesdale Girls Basketball
Lady Hornets win first round thriller
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sport Editor
Natasha Hessling stood all alone at the free throw line.  She looked up at the scoreboard, which told the story in glance.  Moment of Truth  Only seconds ago, pandemonium reigned at the Insalaco Center on the Marywood Universi
Honesdale rallies to upend North Pocono in D-2 AAA final
Author: By Marty Meyers / Staff Writer
Don’t think for a second Amber Watkins doesn’t want to shoot the ball. It’s just that Honesdale’s small forward doesn’t get too many chances. Given the opportunity in the waning moments of Saturday’s District 2 Class AAA championship game, the s
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Lady Hornets take title with 53-48 win over North Pocono
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sport Editor
or Natasha Hessling, the long wait ... the nasty knee injury, surgery and countless hours of rehab ... was finally over.  On Saturday evening at the Lackawanna College Student Union, Hessling stood tall among her Honesdale teammates at center
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