Lady Hornets Basketball

Game @ Holy Cross HS

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Katie Miller joins the 1,000-Point Club
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sports Editor
Local fans turned out in force Friday evening to watch Katie Miller add her name to the list of local basketball immortals. Honesdale's senior guard came into this non-league contest against Blue Ridge needing 18 points to reach 1,000 for her v
Lady Hornets defend tourney title
Author: Kevin Edwards - TWI Sports Editor
No one disputes that Honesdale had a rough season on the girls varsity basketball scene in 2013-14. The Lady Hornets did win 15 games, but they suffered key injuries and played erratically in crucial games. That combination led to nine losses,
Lady Hornets back at full strength
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sports Editor
While one player certainly doesn’t determine whether or not a team wins a championship, losing Natasha Hessling to injury had a huge impact on the Lady Hornets last year. The tough-as-nails junior forward went down early with a torn ACL .... and
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