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Game vs Carbondale

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The John Mendola Show - Honesdale Girls Basketball
Lady Hornets look to bounce back
Author: Kevin Edwards - Wayne Independent
After winning three district titles in four years, Honesdale’s girls basketball team took a step back last season. The Lady Hornets struggled to a 5-18 overall record and finished fourth in the Division II standings. Coach Pilar Beam’s squad did qu
The Lady Hornets Jr. High Teams traveled to Delaware Valley on Friday night to take on the Warriors.
Author: Joe Theobald
The "B" squad posted a 28-7 victory. Scoring forthe Lady Hornets were Gina Dell'Aquila, Mia Land, Cindy Perricone, LeighaWelsh, Brynn McGinnis, and Natalee West. McGinnis and West led the team with 9and 7 points, respectively. Dell'Aquila,
Lady Hornets win first round thriller
Author: By Kevin Edwards - TWI Sport Editor
Natasha Hessling stood all alone at the free throw line.  She looked up at the scoreboard, which told the story in glance.  Moment of Truth  Only seconds ago, pandemonium reigned at the Insalaco Center on the Marywood Universi
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